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Vol. 1 - Learning How to Walk and Wait

Ed Goes to DC

Ed is very pleased to have been immortalized in print.  I made this video version as a "Thank You" to all of the kind people who have helped me (and continue to do so) since I got sick.  Now you can add a hard copy to your kids' bookshelf!  A great way to introduce the concepts of illness, hospitalization, friendship, and having a cheerful heart to children.  Print copies are 6x9 paperbacks and full color. Length:  ca. 24 pages


These are my "memoirs."  I'm using quotation marks to  refer to my "Memoirs" because I think it's so funny that I've written anything like a memoir in the first place.  I'm sure that parts of this will be inevitably pathetic given the subject matter, but I really want to make you laugh, so please do!

  •  Click on the "Sample" Buttons to read the introduction and ch. 10 of Learning How to Walk

  • Learning How...vol 1 includes Learning How to Walk and Learning How to Wait

  • Print copies are black and white 6x9 paperbacks.  Length:  ca 143 pages 

Learning How to Hope

This is a collection of favorite blog posts I compiled in response to the flood that struck Bujumbural, Burundi in 2014.  If you're wondering if you'll like my blog, give this book a try!  FYI, many people will start reading my blog when they "need" to - i.e. if something happens in their life that stresses them out - and then they want to read the WHOLE thing.  No joke.  I can tell when one viewer sits there and reads 100 posts in one sitting.


Available in hard copy and Kindle versions.

You've gotten to know Trainer D and Coach R on my blog - now hear the rest of the story. It's the story I didn't go looking for but was surprised and delighted to find was part of my Recovery.   

 Learning How books are available on Amazon and are Non Profit!

Vol. 2 - Learning How to Live 

Vol. 4. Learning How to Sing a New Song

Recovery Became Life at the

Intersection of Theory and Practice

Life is my Sport

with David F. Murgueytio

with Randy W. Rocha

coming soon:

Vol. 3 - Learning How Run

with Carol Ridgely

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Welcome to Survivorship 101.

If you didn't die and you're wondering what to do next, this book is for you.

Actually, this book is really for Marlene, who asked me, What is truly necessary for Recovery?  This abook is a really long answer.  I wrote it for her because she survived TWICE. And there's a LOT of living left to do.

I got a bunch of my Friends to help me write this book.  The message is clear:  Survivorship and Grit do not happen in a vacuum.  This is a team effort.

I survived a Cataclysmic Medical event in 2011.  When the dust settled I looked around me and begam my adventures in RecoveryLand.  Over the past 7 years I realized how amazing my friends are, and that "Learning How" has become "Shredded Grace."

FYI, we're all Surviving SOMETHING.  But even if you wouldn't call yourself a Survivor you know one, or you will.

Look at the Video Versions on YouTube @shreddedgrace

Vol. 5 - Learning How to Reach

An had an AVM Rupture and massive stroke in 2011.  After she learned how to walk and became a refular on the Rehabilitation Scene she decided it was time to start building the infrastructure for her long-term Recovery.

She started with Trainer David.

She walked into his gym, explained that she had a brain injury but needed a stronger core for living, and asked him to jump off a cliff with her.

They both took a chance.

And it paid off.

In July 2014 Randy vowed to make an athlete out of  Ann.

Ann is a very unlikely candidate.  She had an AVM Rupture and a massive stroke in 2011. Randy doesn't usually help people like her.

But he chose to do it anyway..

She didn't believe him when he said he was going to make her an athlete because she thought she was too far gone.  But he kept his promise and it's happening.

Coach R understands that the stakes are really high for Ann.  She's not an injured player trying to regain the field.

This IS the field.

Carol and Ning are the unlikeliest of friends. God saved Carol from an awful life on the street and a heart full of hatred. God saved Ning from a lifetime of anger and bitterness after the Princess and the Pea had a cataclysmic health event. Even though their backgrounds are so different, they share the same need, and love the same Savior.

Shredded Grace: Reaching Higher

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