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You made Operation Lift: Burundi a HUGE SUCCESS. We exceeded the goal – Discovery School is moving forward with the septic system and the excess will go to a much-needed school bus || Joy gave me this scarf when I visited Burundi in 2011. I gave away almost everything, but I kept this. Africa will always be on my heart. Thank you for your kindness , <3 ning || THANK YOU for being a part of building Burundi’s future. Your generosity in standing with us is overwhelming. – Jesse and Joy Johnson

PS.  Individual thank you’s to the people I have addresses for are forthcoming – I appreciate your patience as I’ve hit another physical rough patch.  I know I say that ALL THE TIME, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.  I’m grateful to have a Team to help me.

PPS.  When I visited Burundi in 2011, Discovery School and the work in general were no where NEAR this level of development.  It’s what we talked about in the ideal vision state.  Of course, the ideal has not been obtained yet, but it was SHOCKING to me to see the reality being built – our technically, poured – check out these guys pouring a slab bucket by bucket.  PTL.  I explained to my people (Hi, Matt!!) that “PTL” is a nerdy Christianese acronym for “Praise the Lord.”  But seriously?  This is not a drill.  It’s happening.  And it’s changing lives on a scale that has the potential to shape a nation.  Thank you for being a part of this.

Dear Beloved,

By now you know that I wanted to be a missionary.  I was beyond thrilled at the idea of joining the King’s Overseas Service.  What an honor.  But He had other plans.

I dreamed of Africa in The Valley.  I had visited and been invited to move to Burundi permanently and I was 4 days away from asking my Oregon church to send me but then something exploded in my head and left me for dead.

But I didn’t die.  I wept in my sleep.  I saw the children I had met at School.  And their singing haunted my dreams.

Burundi has a chilling history of violence, and the Johnson family has served the people there for generations.  The Burundians respect and love them bc they stayed when they didn’t have to.  Among the many ministries that Jesse and Joy Johnson (3d Gen) are involved in is the Discovery School – they make top quality education available to a population who would never have had access to it.  They started 10 years ago with 80 students and a dream.  Now they have over 1000 students and they are growing. It’s no longer a dream – it’s happening – they are sharing the Good News, employing those who were hungry, and raising the standard of education.  They have the opportunity to impact the entire country of Burundi.

Now it’s time to Build the Future.  But in order to BUILD HOPE you have to meet Basic Needs.  Discovery School needs a septic system to service 38 new restroom stalls on 4 floors.  They are only building 2 floors first, but they need to to build the entire septic system.  Total cost = $15k.  A generous matching gift is in effect from Feb7-Mar 22.  Every dollar donated will be matched up to $7500.  That’s right – the cost just got cut in half.

Discovery School is unique in that it offers Special Ed so kids with learning disabilities can succeed, too.  They also serve kids with physical disabilities.  One student, A, cannot make the walk to the existing restroom.  His friends used to carry him on his classroom chair (hence, Operation Lift).  This is no longer an option.  They need new bathrooms.

The first dream I had after I knew I couldn’t walk was that I was able to make it to the bathroom on my own with a walker.  When I first experienced leg pain after learning to walk I didn’t drink any water for a week so I wouldn’t have to walk to the potty.  I was too scared.  And when I first went back to church I only stayed for one meeting bc I didn’t know how to fit my wheelchair in the restroom.

Restroom access is a very real concern in my world – but it’s a problem that can be solved at Discovery School with your help.


PLEASE.   Click HERE to donate now.  Your gift is matched $ for $ through March 22 and is tax deductible.  \


Need $15k for Discovery School Septic System – 38 new Restroom Stalls
Matching Gift in effect up to $7500 Feb 7-Mar 22
Double your impact by going to – click on the Eye
Or you can go to CMML directly:  Operation Lift Discovery School Burundi


Thank you so much,


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